The Dentist in Howell Can Restore Appearance and Your Self-Image With Cosmetic Dentistry

The dentists in Howell provide a full service dental office including emergency treatment, and the dental services that protect your teeth and your health. They specialize in dental services to correct problems and to enhance your smile with the latest dental techniques which will correct problems and provide you with greater comfort in social and business settings.

Cosmetic Dentistry has evolved into a dental specialty which can correct stained teeth with whitening and replace missing teeth with implants. The Dentist in Howell can do so much more to ensure that your teeth are healthy and looking their best. They offer a complete range of affordable dental services.

Cosmetic Dentistry utilizes implants to replace missing teeth. Implants can be done even if the teeth have been missing for a long period of time. Using bone transplants, the dentist can create a new bone structure to fuse with and support an implant. The implant will then be anchored securely. When teeth have been missing for a long period, bone loss will occur because the root is not stimulating the bone and, therefore, a bone transplant is necessary to provide a structure for the implant to be anchored. The implant is used for holding the retaining screw, and an Abutment Connector is attached to the screw. The implant creates a bond that will hold the screw for a long time and perhaps forever. The Crown is attached to the Abutment Connector, and no one will notice that you have an implant.

An implant should be done immediately by a Dentist in Howell upon the loss of the tooth to prevent the melting away of the bone which will occur over a relatively short period of time. If several teeth are lost, then the risk of much of the alveolar bone which supports the teeth melting away is most likely to happen. This will leave a deformed jaw bone, and eventually, there will not be enough bone to support dentures and the face will take on a caved in appearance. Cosmetic dentistry using implants will give a person a new appearance and greater social and business confidence. Visit website for more.

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