The Details of a Lifestyle Lift Cincinnati OH

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Surgery

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In the past, cosmetic surgery was strictly an invasive procedure. While there are many procedures in cosmetic surgery that are still very invasive today, there are other procedures that are much more convenient and easier then cosmetic procedures of the past. One of those involves a facelift.

In the past the facelift procedure was quite lengthy; the recovery time was quite long and the expense was significant. Today, with a Lifestyle Lift Cincinnati OH, you have a facelift procedure that is much different from a standard facelift.

One of the important things to understand is a lifestyle lift is a procedure that helps to tighten muscles of the face, remove jowls, eliminate wrinkles and get rid of excess fat. These are all the things that are done in a typical facelift, only this type of procedure is what is known as a mini facelift.

The question that some people have about a lifestyle lift is, how much different is it from a traditional facelift? The first thing that you’ll notice about a lifestyle lift is that it is a much simpler and faster procedure to perform for a Cosmetic Surgeon In Cincinnati. This mini facelift starts out by being more efficient, as there are fewer incisions made than there would be with a typical facelift.

In addition, this procedure takes roughly about an hour to perform and it only requires local anesthesia. Aside from how quick the surgery is to perform, the healing time is much quicker as well. While there may be residual bruising and pain, most people completely heal from a lifestyle lift in as little as a week.

Lastly, a lifestyle lift is going to be much more affordable than a full on facelift. Prices may vary, so it’s best to speak to the cosmetic surgeon in your area to see if they provide a lifestyle lift and what their costs are for this procedure.


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