The Difference Between Paying a Cash Bond and Getting Jail Bonds in Sedgwick County

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Bail Bonds

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Bond is the amount of money that a person who is arrested must deposit with the court as a security to guarantee that they return to all court proceedings after their release. Most people who are arrested are eligible for a bond, though some bond amounts are significantly higher than others. Higher bonds are more common when defendants have committed serious crimes or they have previously forfeited a bond by not returning for their trial.

You can find out how much an inmate’s bond is by contacting the Sedgwick County courts by phone or online. If your loved one has a bond listed as professional surety, you have two options. You can pay the bond in cash or use Jail Bonds in Sedgwick County to get your friend or family member released from custody. Cash-only bonds, which are commonly used in child support cases, can only be paid in cash and may not be refundable.

When you pay a bond in cash, you will be required to give the court the total amount of the bond. Sedgwick County accepts cash, money orders, cashier checks and travelers checks as payment for bonds. The court will hold your funds until the case is decided. As long as the defendant doesn’t violate the terms of their release, the money is returned.

Another option is to use a bail bondsman to get your loved one out of jail. If the bond is high or your don’t have the full amount of the bond on hand, you may be able to retain the services of a bail bondsman for a small percentage of the bond amount. The bail bondman can explain the process to you and walk you through the paperwork. The money that you pay to the bail bondsman is their fee and is not refundable.

Finding out that a loved one has been arrested is never a pleasant experience. However, if you ever need Jail Bonds in Sedgwick County, Affordable Bail Bonds can help you get your loved one out of jail so they can get in touch with a lawyer and begin preparing their criminal defense.

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