The Full Cycle of Chicago Web Development

Web development is one of the most popular and essential components in modern marketing. Clique Studios harnesses multiple factions of web design to deliver a competent and realized final product. But it is not all about a final delivery. The planning, building, and follow through of the entire cycle of designing a website is pivotal in building a quality brand and delivering on all fronts. The execution is just as important as the final build. For Chicago Web Development, the answer is in how a website performs and the follow-up a company offers a client after the website’s completion.

The early process opens with brand development. A company may enter discussions with detailed and very specific plans. This may include a logo design, business plan, and other such creative aspects. But some lack this cohesion. Website design is about building a brand, and not just the initial code framework. This is something many firms lose touch on. This is also why Chicago Web Development begins with developing a full and realized brand identity. This includes business card design, page design, creative art, and accompanying logos.

A quickly growing aspect of web design is the mobile market. The growing user base of smart phone users is nearly eclipsing the home desktop users in surprisingly fast numbers. But this is largely considered a new phenomenon. Many web design companies are using strategies that have only recently come into light, and are playing catch up. Clique Studios has been implementing mobile marketing strategies dating back to the mid-90’s. This is a time where cell phones were wired to vehicles or larger than a purse. This type of history primes the firm for realizing technology and implementing strategies they not only know very well, but helped create.

The final rung on the ladder is in continuous marketing ideas. These include SEO techniques, partnership developments, and contests. Contests include sweepstakes and legitimate prizewinners. This helps to build a fair social media buzz and set an interactive customer experience. With the brand, we circle right back to the beginning. If the initial developments were about brand identity, the marketing campaign is in pinpointing that identity through interactive marketing.

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