The Future of Vending Machines in Dallas, and Around the World

Apr 04, 14 The Future of Vending Machines in Dallas, and Around the World

Vending Machines in Dallas are traditional things that give you coffee, snacks, and even movies when you feed them either money, or in some cases your credit card. At one time, vending machines were considered fodder for science fiction movies, but the world hasn’t seen anything yet. The future of vending machines is about to get a little more like a science fiction movie, read on to find out how.

It seems that standing in front of a vending machine debating about whether you want a cup of coffee or a cup of hot chocolate will one day be a thing of the past. The reason these Vending Machines in Dallas will change that is because the facial recognition software will read your expression and give you the hot chocolate or bag of Cheetos that you are craving.

While many people will be creeped out by what they think of as an intrusion into their lives, many people will be glad to not have to make yet another decision in an already hectic day.

These smart vending machines won’t only sell snacks and coffee, however, you will be able to get everything from electronics to books, so basically anything that you could punch up on the giant screen and have delivered to your eagerly waiting hands.

It is said that the traditional display window of the vending machines of today will be replaced by a gigantic color TV like screen that will have a rotating list of snack items, coffee, or electronics running across it, with a camera facing out towards the person doing the choosing.

The machine will be able to scan your face and make suggestions based on what it thinks you want. After you make a choice and pay with anything from a mobile transaction to cash, the machine will remember you, and next time you are there will give you even more suggestions. Creepy as it may be, these are supposed to be the wave of the future.

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