The importance of detecting gum disease early

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Dentist

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Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a potentially serious condition and it’s important to detect it early on. Your gum disease Cary IL specialist will only be able to detect a problem if you see your dentist regularly. That’s why most experts recommend you get an oral checkup at least twice a year. Good oral health and expert checkups are vital to helping prevent gum disease. Here are just a few reasons early detection is important:

   * Keeps your teeth and gums healthy longer: People are living longer; that means it’s more important than ever before to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy longer. Daily brushing, flossing and professional cleanings will all help keep your teeth and gums in top shape.

   * May prevent gum disease from progressing: When gum disease is detected early on, your dentist can take measures to ensure things don’t get worse and progress past the point of no return.

   * Can alert you to other medical conditions: Gum disease can be a sign of other medical conditions like heart disease. An early detection of gum disease means you should be making a trip to your physician as well.

   * May prevent other more serious disease: When you have early warning signs of gum disease and potential other medical problems you can take measures to prevent or control it from progressing.

Your oral health is vitally important to your overall health and studies have proven that there a link between gum disease and certain physical medical conditions. Practicing good oral habits is only part of the solution. Your dentist who specializes in gum disease in Cary IL, or your local area, can help you create a plan that helps you feel and look your best. Regular checkups, fillings, crowns and implants are all part of your oral health plan.

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