The Importance of Professional Foundation Crack Repair in Natick, MA

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Water Proofing

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Vertical cracks within a foundation commonly occur as a result of poor construction practices. It can also occur when foundation concrete cures and shrinks. These cracks occur in newly built houses as well as older ones. Even though vertical wall cracks within the foundation often do not lead to structural problems as frequently as horizontal cracks and breaks, they usually drip water from the outside foundation into the basement.

The unfortunate truth is that nobody wants to purchase a house with a cracked and leaking foundation. Certainly, nobody wants to reside in a house with foundation issues. Deteriorating or damaged foundation walls cause several problems for property owners. Foundation soil water seeping into a basement will make it hard to sell a home and may even cause the house to lose as much as ten percent of its value. With time, the issue will only get worse as more water gushes through the cracks, causing them to get even wider.

Do-it-yourself foundation crack Repair in Natick MA is certainly not the solution. In several instances, property owners will try to fix the issue merely by adding caulk within the gaps. With this type of seal, efflorescence will accumulate as water permeates through the unset caulk and cause it to peel off. In addition, if the crack is not clean, the caulk may adhere to the dirt rather than the cement, thereby weakening its effectiveness.

Filling a foundation wall crack with a rigid substance like hydraulic cement is also not the answer. The problem with this solution is that even though the hole has been plugged, the main issue (foundation water seeping into the basement from outside) still exists. After a while, as the foundation shrinks and swells with alterations in moisture and temperature, the movement will cause the plug to come loose.

If you are searching for an effective solution that works all the time, you should consider the FlexiSpan foundation wall crack repair in Natick MA. The FlexiSpan installation starts by locating a method for water to drain out of the basement. The crack is then sealed using a urethane-based sealant, which bonds well with dry and wet concrete surfaces. You should contact a reliable basement waterproofing dealer such as Drycrete Waterproofing to install this solution for you.

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