The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleaning In Toms River, NJ

Jul 30, 15 The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleaning In Toms River, NJ

When most people think of getting their teeth cleaned, they don’t think of the health benefits as much as the fact that their teeth will look white and bright when it’s done. Of course, though their teeth may be shiny after a cleaning, there are other, more important reasons than only stain removal to keep your smile sparkling. Regular dental cleanings help to prevent cavities and gum disease. Both of these dental issues can be prevented with proper dental hygiene. With regular brushing and flossing at home and professional dental cleanings at the dentist’s office, teeth will stay strong and healthy and, hopefully, last a lifetime.

Though home care is one of the most important ways to keep your teeth healthy, brushing and flossing teeth at home can only do so much. A Plaque still can build up on the teeth and can not be removed without a professional cleaning. Plaque is a sticky, clear film that covers the teeth. Though it can cover the entire surface, it tends to be most prevalent near the gum line. Plaque is an acidic substance that loves to destroy enamel and frequently does just that, causing tooth decay to begin. Without enamel, the teeth have no protection against decay. Fortunately, professional Dental Cleaning in Toms River NJ can remove plaque to help keep teeth healthy.

Gum disease is another dangerous complication from lax dental hygiene. Of course, plaque is the culprit again. The plaque originally settles on the tooth gum line, but as it starts to progress downward on the tooth, it travels below the gum line, destroying the part of the tooth that can’t be seen. This decay can cause the jawbone to become inflamed, and the affected tooth or teeth begin to actually loosen and fall out. This devastating process can be prevented with proper dental care and Dental Cleaning in Toms River NJ.

By visiting dental websites, most will have options to Click Here to see the effects of insufficient dental care. You’ll see decayed, missing, yellowed, and dingy teeth due to dental neglect. Fortunately, this can all be prevented with good dental hygiene. If you want to keep your shiny, white smile, take care of it. With proper care, it can last a lifetime.

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