The Importance of Using Full-Service Professionals for Carpet Cleaning in Frisco, Colorado

When your wall-to-wall carpets need cleaning, it is best to use professionals who offer a full range of cleaning services. One-stop businesses, such as Mountain Pride Cleaning and Restoration, offer a variety of solutions that include:

1. GREEN CLEANING: The best cleaning services are eco-friendly. That means that they use rigorously tested Green Seal Certified Products. These cleaning solutions are free of Volatile Organic Compounds, are non-toxic, phosphate free, and biodegradable. That means that they are sustainable, and safe for children and pets. In addition, earth-friendly products are effective, and can thoroughly clean anything from high-traffic areas to whole-house

2. Carpet Cleaning in Frisco, Colorado
homes. “Green” companies are also committed to saving the earth by recycling in their offices, and taking other steps to conserve natural resources.

3. MULTI-STEP CARPET CLEANING: Before they begin Carpet Cleaning in Frisco, Colorado homes, technicians pre-inspect the areas where they will work, and provide estimates, as well as assessments of problem areas. They will then set up equipment, move furniture, and pre-treat carpeting. Experts pre-spray the areas to be treated, and then use truck-mounted equipment to extract liquids and rinse carpets. Once technicians are satisfied that carpeting is thoroughly cleaned, they will replace furniture, using protective foil or blocks, to prevent staining. They also do a post inspection to ensure a quality job. If they find a problem, they will re-treat the area. In addition to providing wall-to-wall Carpet Cleaning in Frisco, Colorado homes, technicians are also qualified to treat Oriental and area rugs, and provide pick-up and delivery service.

4. SCOTCHGUARD: Quality experts can also apply protectorants after they complete Carpet Cleaning in Frisco, Colorado homes. This process causes carpets to repel spills. It also makes cleaning spills much simpler, since they tend to bead on top of carpet fibers instead of soaking in. In addition, Scotchguarding a carpet can extend its life, since the protectorant causes resistance to dry soil. Simple vacuuming can remove this abrasive, which tends to break down carpet fibers. Applying protectorant also makes future professional cleaning easier and more effective.

Full-service carpet cleaners offer a range of services, including multi-step cleaning, and the application of Scotchguard protectorant. In addition, they typically offer “green” cleaning products, which are safer for family members, as well as eco-friendly.


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