The Importance of Verifying Insurance When Hiring a Roofer in Fort Washington

When you are in need of Roof Repair Services, you will be looking to hire a roofer. If you have never hired one before, you may begin to search on the Internet to find tips on what to look for when hiring one. Odds are, the one thing you are going to see over and over again in those articles is make sure you hire a roofer with insurance. While many people understand that it is important, they are not really sure why. Here are two reasons why it is important to verify insurance when hiring a Roofer in Fort Washington.

An Uninsured Roofer can Sue You or Your Homeowners if They Get Injured on Your Roof:

One of the most important reasons that you want to verify insurance before hiring a roofer to do any work on your roof is because an uninsured roofer can sue you if they get injured. Many people do not realize this, but an uninsured person can sue you or your homeowners insurance if they are hired to do work in or on a home and become injured. It is up to you to make sure the person has insurance, and if you fail to do so, you could end up on the hook for it. This is why you always want to make sure that both self-employed roofers or roofing companies have the proper insurance to cover themselves or their employees.

Accidents Happen to the Best Roofers, and if They Aren’t Insured, it Could Cost You:

The second reason why insurance is important for roofers is because accidents happen, and you want to make sure those accidents are paid for. Even the best roofer can accidentally hit a hole in the roof or peel back too much when removing old materials. Roofers need liability insurance. Liability insurance covers the cost of the damage that they may accidentally cause. If they don’t have insurance, you could end up having to pay for the damage out-of-pocket and have to sue the contractor to recoup your money. That is why insurance is so important.

Knowing why you need to consider certain factors when hiring a roofer, such as insurance, helps you remember to weigh these factors when selecting a roofing contractor. Selecting a roofing contractor can be challenging, but knowing what to look for in a contractor can help you more readily find the best one for your job.

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