The Many Uses for Silicone Baking Pans and Molds

Silicone has become a favorite in both professional and home kitchens. Its nonstick surface and ease with which even sticky baked goods can be released have made it a mainstay in many kitchens. Although its popularity has grown, there are still many people that don’t realize the benefits of using silicone baking pans, sheets, or molds. Silicone can reduce the need for baking sprays, provide a nonstick surface for working with candy, and it’s easily tossed in the dishwasher for cleaning. There are many uses for silicone in the kitchen, and once a home cook tries it, he or she usually wonders how they went so many years without it.

Bake Sticky Foods without Stickiness

With traditional pans, bakers had to spray the surface of the pans excessively with baking spray. This kept most baked goods from sticking, but there was still the occasional sticky bread or cake that wouldn’t come out of the pan without a fight. NY Cake silicone baking pans solved that problem by providing a virtually nonstick surface for all sorts of baked goods. Now bakers can make candied nuts, sticky buns, sugary breads, and other confections without worrying about burning the pan or losing half of the baked good to a sticky baking dish.

Silicone for Cake and Candy Molds

Silicone is also a popular material for candy molds. Used for both chocolate and sticky candy molds, when you use silicone your candies will pop right out of the mold. No more stuck on chocolate or shattered hard candies because the mold holds on too tightly. Manufacturers even create shaped silicone molds so that you can make candies for the holidays or special events. If you make candy from melted sugar, a silicone mat will create a nonstick work surface where you can easily spin your sugar or create designs without worrying about the sugar sticking as it cools.

If you enjoy baking cakes, or want to take advantage of the cake pops trend, there are silicone baking pans designed specifically for cakes. There are silicone cake pop pans, shaped caked pop pans, and silicone bundt, loaf, and sheet cake pans. By using silicone, your cakes will come out lightly browned and never sticking to your pans. While bakers will always have a favorite traditional cake pan, silicone is perfect for at-home bakers who have trouble with sticky baked goods.

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