The Metal Alloy Supplier in Lousiville Can Process Aluminum in Many High-Tech Ways

Processing aluminum to meet first tier processing requirements of top level of metal manufacturing is the goal of Metal Alloy Supplier in Louisville. This means that first teir processing requires no other work to make it useable by the OEMs. Aluminum processing to meet customer specification is accomplished by variety of high-tech methods.


Plasma systems for cutting aluminum are capable of cutting by multiple processes. A plasma system can cut aluminum to achieve different results such as a tight tolerance, a good edge finish and increased productivity. The decision to use plasma cutting is dictated by prioritizing the desired results. Plasma cutting is not as accurate as laser cutting, but it can hold tolerances plus or minus 15 or 20 thousandths which is acceptable in many industries. With the new plasma systems, tolerances can be held close to a few thousandths of an inch. The edges can be maintained nicely if you cut with the proper gas selection. Plasma cutting provides huge cost benefits over lasers.

The current plasma cutting systems are much more effective than the older technology. With the correct choice of gases a smooth edge can be produced on aluminum. Although the new high-tech plasma systems can hold tight tolerances, the tolerances are not quite as close as what a laser system can cut.


Laser cutting involves removing material to shape a piece of aluminum in a process that usually reduces or limits the amount of post-fabrication finishing work. For example, when cutting with laser heat the aluminum can harden at the edges of the cut. This may be acceptable for many operations, but it also limits the amount of machining that can be done. This makes post-cut threading or deburring difficult.


The fully automatic water jet cutting system allows the operator to make accurate and fast cuts. When cutting aluminum with the thickness of 100mm, the machine achieves up to 80mm/min cutting speed. Water jet cutting leaves the aluminum with high cutting quality and a burr-free cut surface.
The Metal Alloy Supplier in Louisville can do it all for aluminum.

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