The Powell Stainless Steel Valve, A Part Of American Industrial History

The mid 1800’s saw the rise of many American engineering based companies in cities like Cincinnati. There were the heavier industries involved in iron and steel production, casting and forging plus the associated engineering companies that made components from these metals. One such company was the Powell Valve Company which has been in continuous production since 1846.

The Age Of Steam

In keeping with the times, companies like Authorized Parts Powell Stainless Steel Valve invented, innovated and improved components for use with steam. Whether it was steam boiler products, products for steam powered “engines” for boats, railway or general industrial use; ways to create, control and use steam were much sought after.

We automatically think of water as being a liquid and we know that liquids can also be called fluids. However, in the true technical sense, gases can also be referred to as fluids (i.e. anything that is not solid could be fluid). Steam is the gas given off when water is heated beyond its boiling point.

Creating steam requires pumps to bring the water to a place where it can be boiled. Pipes are used to transport the water being pumped. The steam being generated is taken away in more pipes to the point where it will be used. The early engineering companies would be manufacturing these pipes and pumps.

However, you cannot simply continuously pump the water, heat it and collect the steam. Both fluids – the water and the steam – need to flow through the system in a controlled manner. The basic control comes from inserting valves into the pipe line. The simplest valve is one that allows the flow of fluid but can also be used to shut down that flow. Taken together, the pipes, pumps and valves form the roots of any fluid control system.

Fluid Control For All Systems

As our industries blossomed into new areas such as petroleum refineries, hydroelectric power (even nuclear power) generation, the country’s need for fluid control grew accordingly – even wars provided business opportunities for companies such as Powel Valves.

The “newer” industries called for new and improved metals to be used for valve production. For example, the powell stainless steel valve for cryogenic service played a major part in allowing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to become a well used fuel. Similar examples of the Powell Stainless Steel Valve can be found throughout the pharmaceutical, food and beverages industries.

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