The Process Of Recycling Scrap Metal In Hartford, CT

by | May 3, 2014 | Waste Management

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Metal is a useful commodity that can be recycled many times over without altering its properties. Metal is used to manufacture a wide variety of items that we use every day, so it is constantly being sought and used. The process of dealing with scrap metal in Hartford, CT has several important steps.

The first step in the process of dealing with scrap metal is for people to take their metal and place it into a metal recycling bin. These bins are often available in many convenient places where people can visit them and get rid of their metal items they wish to recycle. Once a bin is full, it is removed and taken to a facility that can process the metal.

The next step is to sort all of the metals out that can be recycled. This is generally done on a large conveyor belt where all of the metal is dumped and then sorted. The metal is then crushed and compacted to make it easier to process. Large items like appliances and vehicles take up much less room once they have been compacted.

The metal is broken down by running it through a shredder that breaks the metal down to smaller pieces that can be melted with a lot less energy. The metal is melted in a large furnace, which does not require a lot of energy. The process of melting the metal is a lot more economical than obtaining metal from raw sources. When the metal is melted and processed, aluminum is turned into sheets and other metal is formed into blocks.

Scrap metal in Hartford CT is constantly being recycled and made available to manufacturers that will then use that metal to create new products. It is important to recycle as much metal as possible. Every homeowner has a lot more metal they dispose of than they may think, and it is time that everyone starts to recycle metal whenever possible. There are many types of old metal items around your home right now, including old appliances, spray cans, empty paint cans, that old barbecue you no longer use, and other similar item. These can all be recycled and kept out of your local landfill. For more information, visit Business Name.

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