The Role of a Child Support Attorney in Camp Hill

Mar 01, 14 The Role of a Child Support Attorney in Camp Hill

One of the first reasons to hire a child support lawyer is because you want to avoid the possibility of having to pay more than you can afford child support. Contesting the amount of child support you are being ask to pay doesn’t mean you don’t love your children but it may be a reality of life and if you don’t have the money to pay the amount of child-support that your spouse or that the courts are considering requiring him to pay. A child support attorney can advocate for you to help find a child support amount that you’re going to be able to pay.

If you and your spouse are divorcing and there are children involved, you and your spouse will need to work out a situation where custody is established for children. Some spouses work out these arrangements rather amicably while others will vigorously battle for custody of their children. Regardless of what sort of custody agreement you receive, if you are the main financial provider for the family, you can expect to have to pay child support. However, there are many reasons why you want to employ the services of a Child Support Attorney in Camp Hill.

In addition to the amount of money you pay for child support, an attorney can help you to have some say so in how the money is spent. You may want your children to be educated at a private school and you can allocate your child support money to go towards education. In other cases, the children might participate in certain activities. Your attorney can negotiate for you to ensure that the money that you pay in child support, either in full or in part is allocated to continuing the activities that the children enjoy participating in.

Whether it’s establishing a reasonable number for you to pay for child support, you having a say so in how that money spent or perhaps revisiting the past child-support payment decision because of a change in income, a Child Support Attorney in Camp Hill like Attorney Merritt C. Reitzel can be beneficial to you. Whether you’re in the midst of child support case or if you need to revisit a past child support decision, you can contact this law office, speak to them about your situation and they can consult with you on how to move forward. Click here for more details.

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