The Roof Repairs in Chino Hills CA Will Keep Your Home Dry And Eliminate The Possibility Of Unseen Damage

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Homeowners usually neglect the condition of their roof which is the part of their house that can allow a lot of damage to be done to the interior spaces. The homeowner would not realize that his home is suffering from a damaged roof until the walls and ceilings show signs of water penetration. The home’s interiors will be adversely affected when the roof leaks into the attic. The water will get into the living area resulting in damage to the ceiling and the walls. This condition also promotes the growth of black mold.

Every home should have an annual roof inspection by Roof Repairs in Chino Hills CA which begins with a look in the attic for discoloration of the roof trusses which would indicate the roof is leaking and water is traveling along the roof trusses into the home, usually behind the walls.

An experienced roof inspector from Roof Repairs in Chino Hills CA can find every area of the roof that is a problem or can be a potential problem. Shingles blown out of place will be one of the biggest problems. This condition will allow water to rot the decking resulting in leaks into the interior walls. Another part of the roof which can be in trouble is the Ridge Cap shingles which provide ventilation but also protection from water entering the attic. Significant amounts of water will enter the attic when these shingles are missing or are blown out of place. To know more, click here.

Nail pops are a common problem and they can result in damage to the decking if water gets by them. Shingles that are improperly installed will create a problem for the decking, because shingles twisting out of position or being lifted up on the ends will result in the decking being destroyed.

The drip edge can be blown out of position by the wind. Water will be blown underneath the drip edge shingles causing major problems including ice dams in the winter. A serious problem can result from water running down the side of the house. The result could be foundation problems because the water will not be channeled into the Eves and then away from the home. Caulking and flashing will deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced. See for further information.

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