The Things that Diamond Buyers in Los Angeles Will Look At in Evaluating a Diamond

Diamonds are a pleasure to own. However, there are some situations in which is more important to sell a diamond than to keep it. Such as when that piece of jewelry needs a bigger diamond to accompany it or when you need a few extra bucks. The diamond buyers at Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers will help you through the process of selling it. There are some key things that they evaluate in order to determine its overall value.
One of the first things the diamond buyers Los Angeles will look at is the size of the diamond. Obviously, bigger carats will bring in a bigger value in terms of resell. But they will make certain the diamond is the number of carats that it is reported to be. This is a relatively easy determination to make and is based on the diamonds measurements.

Cut is another thing that is evaluated by the diamond buyers in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this does play a role in determining value. Cuts are one of those things that has trends. Some cuts are more popular than others in regard to resale value. Like shoes or clothes, the cut of a diamond will be trendy one day and will be out of style the next. The cut is determined by looking at the diamond itself. Most diamonds are cut in a specific style such as a round cut or a princess cut.

Clarity is something else that diamond buyers Los Angeles will evaluate. This will help determine a value for the diamond. Clarity is defined by the quality of the diamond and how well it reflects light. Minor imperfections will make a diamond look cloudy in that area or reflect the light poorly. It is given a score based on this. That score will go into the evaluation of the diamond’s value.

These are the major things any diamond buyer will look at before placing a value on the diamond. But don’t worry if your diamond isn’t perfect. It still has value and you still can sell it. It is still a diamond and these gems are still among some of the most valuable gems in the world.

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