The Very Real Benefits To Using Nationwide Staffing Services

Professionals working in management and supervisory roles within the mortgage industry are well aware of how difficult it can be to find quality, professional, experienced and competent mortgage executives and staff. This can be even more problematic if you work with a larger mortgage company that may have branches or locations across more than one state.

There are several benefits that nationwide staffing services can provide over and above those that local, smaller mortgage staffing services can provide. To understand these differences, and how they can benefit your mortgage company, it is important to step back and take a look at the big picture.

National Recruiting Possibilities

While a local recruiting service can send you a short list of the top candidates for your position, they are limited to the actual mortgage professionals that are using their service. If you are in a smaller city or town or in a more rural area, the short list you receive may simply be the five or so applicants that they have on file.

However, if you are working with a national staffing service you reap the benefit of having hundreds if not thousands of possible applicants for the recruiter to review. Not only does this provide you with a much better short list but it also increases the chance of a great match.

Understanding the Difference

Nationwide recruiting services have experience in finding mortgage professionals that have both experience and knowledge in the specific types of mortgages and clients that your business handles. For example, a mortgage professional in rural west Texas needs to have a different skill set than the same type of professional working in downtown Manhattan in order to best serve your company and your clients.

Recruiters working for nationwide staffing services in the mortgage industry are well aware of these different skill sets and experiences. They can more effectively match prospective applicants with the reality of working in the city, state and region where you need staff.

Name Recognition

Qualified, skilled and experienced employees in the mortgage industry are much more likely to choose nationwide staffing services as their recruiters. Job seekers are aware that mortgage companies trust these staffing services because they have a working relationship with the business as well as a proven track record in short listing only top notch candidates. Job seekers that are serious about their careers are careful about choosing only those staffing services that will match them with employers that offer what they are looking for in a career.

Nationwide staffing services have benefits that go beyond the three mentioned above. The recruiters have outstanding networking skills and, once they understand what a mortgage company is looking for, can provide highly desirable candidates for a job in a very short time period. This quick turnaround for job vacancies is a key consideration to using a national service over a local company.

We have experience in placement of candidates on a national basis and working with some of the top mortgage companies in the industry.

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