Things That “Big Pharma” Don’t Want You To Know

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Health and Fitness

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Like all of today’s “urban myths” propagated via email and the internet; the so called fact that the pharmaceutical companies are conspiring with the doctors to put us all on daily doses of their high priced “medicines”; just possibly might have some element of truth behind it. When you get yet another email telling you how the wicked pharmaceutical companies are hiding the fact that a combination of honey and cinnamon is better for heart conditions than any of the drugs on the pharmacy shelves; I, for one, don’t think I am being told the full story.

What About The Natural Remedy Industry?
Even if I had absolute faith in the miraculous effects of honey; it is not always practical to include it in my daily diet (especially if I am to eat cinnamon with it). Therefore, I may well prefer to go out and buy a dietary supplement made from honey and cinnamon – so far, I have not found anyone making such a pill. Yet, in virtually every mall in the land, I find shops offering “natural” wonder pills and capsules by the shelf load. To my mind, the makers of “natural remedies” are just as keen businesspeople as the directors of any pharmaceutical company. They are both in the health and wellness business, they both conduct research and development and, when they find something that is potentially beneficial, they both put it on the market and charge what they believe is the maximum the public will shell out. After all, we regularly vote to remain living in a capitalist society.

What If The Synthetic Pharmaceutical Has Side Effects Or Could Be Abused?

Let’s take the amphetamine psychostimulant that is marketed under the name of Adderall as an example. It has been clinically shown that this drug has the capability to help people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy; but, it is an extremely potent drug that can lead to unwanted side effects and addiction if misused for recreational purposes. For these reasons, Adderall is only sold on prescription.

Are there any Natural Alternatives To Adderall?

If so, are they safe to use and is it easy to by them? Traditional, herbal, and holistic medicine have long advocated a number of herbs as being good brain stimulants while other herbs are considered essential for getting a good night’s sleep – exactly the results that Adderall should provide. None of the herbal ingredients found in Natural Alternatives To Adderall have shown adverse side effects and the pills can be purchased over the counter from health shops or, even on line.

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