Things to ask the owner of a home before making a purchase

If you are looking at home for sale Tucson there are a number of questions that you can pose to the current owner. The answers that you get may be something you can use to your advantage when actually negotiating the price.

Every home you look at will be different and you have to look at it through a different set of eyes. Many people engage the services of a professional real estate agent when they go looking for houses for sale in Tucson, but there are some that enjoy looking independently. If you decide to go it alone, here are a few questions that you should pose to the owner.

What about the roof? Depending on the size, style and roof material, replacing it can cost a great deal of money. The roof is something that is difficult to get to when you are house hunting so you must get as much information from the owner as you can

* What is the roof made of? Roof maintenance can be high, find out in advance what you may be getting in to.

* Condition: The owner should allow you to bring in an inspector who can look at the roof and also look at it from within the attic.

* Repairs: Has the roof had any recent repairs, if so, can you see the bills?

What about the utility system? Repairing or replacing a furnace or central air-conditioner can be very expensive. Find out in advance:

* What is the amperage of the house? A home should have an electrical system of between 100 and 200 amps, older homes, where fewer electrical appliances were used, may be a few as 60 amps. In today’s society with TVs in every room, central air-con and many electrical appliances, the home for sale Tucson that you are looking at should be rated high.

* Plumbing: Check every faucet in the house to see that they work and there is no evidence of a drip. Check the size and age of the hot water heater, determine what the pipes are made of and is the system to code?

* Water supply: Confirm that the house is connected to a dependable source of water. Usually this is a common utility but there are homes with deep wells and reservoirs.

* Heating: What is the fuel? Find out the age of the system and if any recent replacements have been made, such as the installation of an Energy Star compliant system.

These two issues are important as the repair and maintenance can be high priced. Attempt to get an average monthly utility bill that the current owner pays and then move on to talk about the neighborhood. You will want to be close to shops, schools, parks and be in a low crime area.


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