Things to Keep in Mind if Considering a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The specifics of wrongful death law vary by jurisdiction. That’s why it’s important to get a lawyer from your own area to handle your case. They’ll know the procedures that apply to your local court and how to best present the facts.

The A. Robert E. Thomson Law Office, for example specializes in Wrongful Death Kent cases. They also handle cases in the same general area of Washington. Along with local expertise, a wrongful death law firm like this has the experience needed to prove someone’s responsibility for the events and the death that followed.

In some cases, culpability for a wrongful death is cut and dried. This is often the case when criminal activity has been involved. After all, if someone has been shot or stabbed, there is obviously a guilty party. Since civil law doesn’t require the high level of proof that criminal law does, it is possible to get a judgment in your favor even if the guilty party couldn’t be convicted in criminal court. It’s also possible to sue even if the person is convicted and sent to jail.

In other cases, it’s harder to prove liability for a wrongful death. If, for instance, someone dies after using a particular product or medicine, your legal team will first have to prove that the death wouldn’t have happened otherwise. This can require a large amount of expert testimony. When a large company is on the other side of the case, you can expect them to present plenty of their own expert testimony claiming that the deceased was already on death’s door.

Therefore, you should make sure to collect as much evidence as possible before suing under these circumstances. Get all the medical records, witnesses, and other related evidence that you can, and then hand the proof over to your law firm. This will ensure that your attorneys are fully armed for even the toughest wrongful death fights.

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