Things to Keep in Mind When Viewing Office Spaces for Rent

When seeking office space to lease for their business needs, business owners often make the mistake of basing their choice solely on the monthly rental fees of the property.  With factors to consider such as operating expenses, management costs and energy efficiency, there are often additional costs involved with most office spaces for rent. NYC business owners should consider the following “hidden” fees when seeking the office space that best meets their company’s needs.

Operating Expenses
There are often many operating expenses associated with office spaces for rent that must be taken into account and considered as part of the total monthly rental fees for the property. Examples of these types of expenses are parking facility fees, janitorial costs, and charges for use of building services such as Internet or alarm systems. Since some facilities charge extra for their amenities, it is important to understand these charges and to factor them into the total monthly cost when deciding if a particular office space is an affordable option for your business.

Property Management Costs
A good property manager is vital to your business succeeding in an office space. Property managers typically handle the general operations of the building such as elevator maintenance, heating and ventilation needs, and the hiring of cleaning and maintenance staff. In addition to the importance of checking reviews from other tenants and making sure the property management staff of a particular building is efficient and professional, it is also important to review the fees associated with the property management company. Is there an extra charge on top of the monthly rent? Knowing this information and taking it into account is an important part of having an accurate understanding of the true monthly cost of the property.

Utility Costs
While some office facilities include utilities such as electricity and heating in their monthly rental fee, others charge tenants separately for their utility needs.  Never assume that utilities are included in the rental fee. Be sure to check with the building’s property management company to gain a complete understanding of which utilities, if any, you will be responsible for paying for each month.

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