Things to Learn From Daniel 11 Commentary

Many people look at stories in the bible as simple tales about things that happened as well as other speculations from people whose recordings are not exactly true. For people who have not studied the history of the biblical empires properly, it is not easy to understand the link between modern countries and the old dynasties that ruled the world. There are so many things that are actually documented historically, and there is proof that the facts are correct.

According to the daniel 11 commentary, it is clear that there are prophesies that are in the bible that have come to pass. This only means that there is a possibility that Jesus may also return according to the scriptures. For theologians who have a more liberal approach to the subject, many have tried to toy with the possibility that the prophesies may not come to pass after all.

With the details given in daniel 11, it is easy to see that the writer does not only write about approximate dates but does have definite time-lines to base his stories. A closer look at the historical events that have unfolded since the time the book was written reveals the events have worked according to the writings. This means there is a strong reason to believe in the declarations of the book about the end times.

Many dynasties and kingdoms that the writer talks about have gone exactly according to the book. Some collapsed according to prophesies. Those that prospered did the same in similar style. All these events only go to proof that Christians have a reason to trust the scriptures. The main problem, however, is that many modern-day theologians do not take time to study the book of Daniel well enough to even realize the prophecies have actually come to pass.

If the figures and estimates in the daniel 11 commentary are anything to go by, it is worth pointing out that the faith of Christians should grow stronger because pointers are towards the coming of the Messiah once again according to the prophesy of Daniel. If the prophecy fails to come true, the Christian faith will get seriously dented.

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