Things You Should Know When Buying Security Shutters

by | May 21, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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Anyone with a commercial property which stores valuable goods needs to install some kind of security doorway. Security shutters are the most popular because they are lightweight, cheap, easy to install and easy to use. What’s more, they are secure – much more secure than a normal door. However, not all doors are made the same.
Some security doors will last longer than others due to materials, installation and manufacturing. Others simply won’t provide an adequate level of security. If you’re thinking of getting a Security shutter in Essex, make note of this article and the tips presented to buy with confidence.
Make sure the shutter doesn’t use plastic
Many manufacturers, in an effort to cut costs, will use plastic parts instead of steel ones. Plastic is simply not as strong as steel and, frankly, no part of a security shutter should be made from the stuff. It’s the weakest link in the chain and easily gets snapped. Imagine having a spring loaded with a plastic hook, for example. This could get worn out with everyday use, let alone in an actual attempted break-in. Make sure your shutter is fully made of metal.
Consider ease of operation
You want a shutter that is easy to use. Some shutters, because of the size of the door and the steel they’re made from, can be extremely heavy and cumbersome to operate. There might also be problems with the rolling mechanism which isn’t as efficient as others. This is something to consider, and something you need to ask the installer, before you buy a security shutter.
Ask them what weight the shutter is and tell them the size you need. They’ll be able to advise you on the best kind or direct you towards an electric shutter. Using electric shutters, with a motor that operates them is much more preferred on large door frames where a big shutter would be needed.
Make sure the shutter has a safety break
This is especially true for electric shutters. A safety break is there to prevent any motor failures so that it stops the shutter closing, which could be dangerous, if the motor cuts out. It also trips the circuit if there is an obstruction in the door. Having a safety break is a legal requirement so all shutters should have one. All security shutters bought in Essex should have one.
Use perforated instead of letterbox window shutters
Some commercial premises, like retail outlets, want the benefits of a shutter while allowing people to see into the store. However, recent EU legislation has outlawed shutters with “letterbox” windows. Instead you should use perforated shutters. These perforated shutters remain just as visible as letterbox windows, but, are at the same time much more secure.

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