This Is Why Hiring a Wills & Estate Planning Lawyer in Wausau, WI Is Important

Oct 30, 18 This Is Why Hiring a Wills & Estate Planning Lawyer in Wausau, WI Is Important

There are some people who just don’t understand the importance of working with a wills & estate planning lawyer Wausau, WI. If a person dies and doesn’t have a will or proper estate planning in place, matters can get complicated. When a lot of money is at stake, an estate can be fought over in court for years. Using a lawyer can help prevent most issues.

Making a Will

A wills & estate planning lawyer Wausau, WI can help with the creation of a will. Although some people don’t favor wills due to probate, a will can be a powerful tool. A will can let people know how to distribute a person’s estate. It can also contain instructions on how the person wants to be buried. For example, if they want to be cremated, they can put that in their will. Perhaps the only downside to a will is that it has to go through probate.

Estate Planning

When it comes to dividing an estate, there are some ways to do it that don’t involve going through probate. A person can give away a certain amount of money to their heirs over the years. There’s a certain amount of money that a person can give as a gift without tax penalties. Some people also use trusts in order to bypass probate. Anyone who has questions about wills and estate planning can visit lawyers like Duncan Disability Law S.C. for help.

Keeping Up

Anyone who is doing estate planning has to keep up with any changes in their lives. Having an outdated will can cause problems. Also, laws regarding estate planning can change over the years. People should keep in touch with their lawyers so that they can make any necessary changes to their documentation. Since estate planning can be complicated, people shouldn’t try to do it without a lawyer’s help.

Although there are websites that allow people to create their own wills, it’s better to meet with a lawyer in person to get a consultation on estate planning and what the best options are for an individual’s particular situation. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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