Three Common Options for Siding in Topeka KS

When you decide that it is time to update your home’s siding, the options available for you to wade through can seem like they are endless, especially once you have decided you do not want standard vinyl siding. This article will tell you the pros and cons of three of the most common options for Siding In Topeka KS.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding Topeka KS may be considered outdated by some designers, but it is still an affordable and durable option for replacement siding for your home. Aluminum is free from some of the pitfalls of the standard vinyl siding (it won’t chip or crack the way vinyl siding will) while still requiring a low level of maintenance for the home owner. Aluminum siding is also relatively inexpensive, as far as siding options go, and is basically fireproof.

The downsides of aluminum sidings are actually few. Besides being out of fashion, it also has a tendency to dent and fade which can affect the overall appearance, and make the siding more susceptible to rust.

Cedar Shingle Siding

Also known as ‘shakes’, cedar shingle siding is a beautiful alternative to traditional wood clapboard Siding Topeka KS. It requires less maintenance than clapboard and can last for hundreds of years if a proper maintenance schedule is maintained.

Cedar shingle siding does have a few downsides though. If the maintenance schedule, although it is much less rigorous than some other sidings, is not adhered to, the shakes may begin to chip, crack, or eventually rot causing significant damage to the structural integrity of the home.

Masonry (Brick or Stone)

The forms of masonry, which include all styles of actual brick and stone (although this does exclude the synthetic versions), are among the most durable Siding Topeka KS available. These types of siding options can last for hundreds of years with only minimal maintenance to the mortar, and possibly the occasional broken or cracked brick from the settling of the home. They are attractive and resistant to fading.

Masonry has a major downside, however, in that is one of the most expensive options available. The preferred way of application for masonry is still brick by brick or stone by stone laid by an experienced mason, and so the cost can be exponentially higher than other options for Siding Topeka KS.

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