Three Tips for Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Gel

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Dentistry

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Every day, people consume multiple food and drink items, each of which has a harsh effect on their teeth. Many of these items leave stains on the teeth that do not go away with a simple brushing. For those who are suffering from yellowed, stained teeth, a whitening gel may be their best option. Here are three tips for choosing the best teeth whitening gel.

Consider How Much Peroxide is Needed

Each type of gel contains a unique percent of peroxide. Many would purchase the one with the highest percentage, thinking it would produce grander results. However, a high percent of peroxide could do more harm than good. It will not only reduce the stains that are present, but it would actually cause discomfort to the teeth and make them more sensitive. If there are a large number of stains, a high percentage would do. If there are only minor stains, however, a lower percentage will be needed.

Determine How Much Time Can Be Dedicated to the Process

Some whitening gels may only take a few minutes. It may take up to several days, or even weeks, before results are really seen. If a person only has a few minutes a day to spare, then this route will be the way they have to go. If they have longer, though, they can use a gel that requires a longer amount of time for the process.

Think About Past Dental Work

Many people have had dental work done in the past. Whether they have fillings, crowns, or anything else, they need to take this into consideration. These items are often not effected by whitening gel. This means the rest of the teeth will be whitened while those spots will not. This will leave the teeth looking uneven. To avoid this, anyone with a lot of dental work should only use a low peroxide gel to whiten them slightly. They do not want to change the color too much.

The best teeth whitening gel will be different for everyone. Those with many stains may require a higher level, while those with smaller stains will only require a low dose. Either way, each person can get precisely the smile they want by using the best gel for them.

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