Time to Get a Good Nights Sleep After Some Bed Bug Removal in Minneapolis

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Pest Control

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Bed bugs, scientifically known as Cimex lectularius, was once the bane of civilizations everywhere. These little pests feed on blood, much like the flea and mosquito. Bed bugs are a reddish brown insect about the size of an apple seed and can nest in a variety of places including the beds they are named for. This is why bed bugs can be so difficult to eliminate. Spraying the most common places with chemicals may not kill all the existing bugs and without ensuring you get all the nesting areas the odds of removing your bed bug problem completely are pretty low.

Thankfully, companies like Laughlin’s Pest Control can help you with Bed Bug Removal in Minneapolis. These highly trained technicians know exactly what to look for and where to search to find any local infestations. Sometimes this may mean your furniture needs to be moved for better access. For example, if a bed bug nest builds in a chest of drawers the only real way to access it is to remove all the drawers and spray inside the frame.

These parasitic insects are known to make a home anywhere. If they hitch a ride on your luggage they may hide there for a few days. Meanwhile, you have placed that luggage in the closet giving the bed bug a nice dark hole to hide in. Since bed bugs don’t feed everyday they have enough time to make themselves comfortable before looking for dinner.

Bed bugs aren’t extremely particular when it comes to their blood meal. They prefer human blood, but will feast on your pets just as quickly. This makes the pet’s beds and other personal areas a great place to begin Bed Bug Removal in Minneapolis. The biggest problem with this pest is discovering where you picked up the insect in the first place. A home infestation can occur with as little as one or two bugs and quickly multiplies over time. As the infestation grows you tend to spread the insect around whenever they hitch a ride on your clothes, briefcase or other items. Because these insects is fairly small they are sometimes hard to see which makes transporting them difficult to notice.

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