Tips for Air Conditioning Repair in Haines City, FL

Air Conditioning Repair in Haines City, FL is something that is far from people’s minds at the moment, as snow storms are predicted and the cold is bitter in many places. However, in Florida, the snow isn’t flying and temperatures can still get hot enough to warrant air conditioning use often. If you are having problems with your air conditioner, then the best thing to do is call in the Air Conditioning Repair in Haines City, FL professionals to take care of the problem before the real heat of summer begins once again in June. Below you will find some hints on how to maintain your AC unit, so that all you need is a routine inspection yearly.

The first thing that you need to do with an AC unit, is to make sure and keep debris, such as leaves and grass, away from the outside unit. If you have too much debris or leaves built up around the unit, it can become clogged and burn up the motor. In that case, you will need to call in Charles M. Watts AC to take care of the problem for you, because it is beyond repairing yourself.

You will also want to check the inside unit for debris, dirt, and dust on a regular basis. Do remember to shut off the electricity to the unit before you start messing around on the inside. Electricity can kill you, and is nothing to play with. Once the electricity to the unit is off, you need to take a broom and a vacuum cleaner and clean the unit out. You can even use the vacuum to vacuum up the mess that will be left on the outside of the unit when you are finished.

Next, you will want to check your filters out. A clogged filter will destroy your units efficiency and you will see the results on your cooling bills. You need to change your filters at least once a month, whether they need it or not. These are some good tips for making sure that the AC repairman doesn’t have to come out to your home on a monthly basis.

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