Tips For Attorneys Considering Tampa Translation Services

Attorneys who seek to expand their law practice to include bilingual services are often faced with the issue of document translation. Many individuals who reside in the United States do not speak English, and often approach attorneys with documents in their native language that are in need of legal review. Typically, non-English-speaking legal clients are in need of assistance with documents that address their legal rights and responsibilities, as well as their requests for citizenship. A mistake in the translation of a document for these clients can literally mean disaster.

Hire a Certified Service
First and foremost, consider only Tampa translation services that are certified. Finding a certified translation company is important first and foremost from the standpoint of accuracy and quality assurance. In addition, legal documents often require translation by an accredited translation service that is authorized to notarize translated documents and vouch for their accuracy.

Understand Certification Requirements
There are many accredited organizations in the United States that certify translators and Tampa translation companies. One of the most popular of these organizations is the American Translators Association (ATA.) Typically, a certified translator obtains a bachelor’s degree in the language they wish to translate to. Translators then choose an area in which to specialize, such as legal translation or translating website content. After a concentration has been decided upon, translators move through a series of oral and written exams in attempt to secure a certification. Once certified, the translator is able to translate documents and written content, as well as to interpret and complete other translation tasks.

Locate Certified Translators
The most reliable databases of certified, trusted translators are found through the websites of accredited bodies such as the ATA. These websites typically offer extensive search capabilities, allowing searches to be conducted both for an individual, certified translator, and for companies that provide Tampa translation services. Some websites allow their databases to be searched more specifically, allowing search results to be narrowed down by area of expertise and specialization.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Service strive to provide the most reliable, accurate translation services possible, by employing only certified, experienced translators.

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