Tips for Buying Diamonds in Estero

Most everyone dreams of owning diamonds in Estero. Diamonds in Estero are a timeless fashion accessory since they never go out of style. Diamonds are considered the most precious stones out of all gems. During ancient times, diamonds represented strength, power, happiness, sanctity and longevity. They were once a status symbol of the rich and famous. Now, diamonds are available to anyone. Shopping for diamonds can be tedious without the right knowledge. It helps to educate yourself on buying diamonds. You must keep the 4cs in mind when you shop for diamonds.

One of the 4cs is cut. The cut of a diamond is important since it influences sparkle. Cut isn’t meaning the shape, but proportions. Raw diamonds must be polished to enhance the brilliance. Cuts may be deep,even, or shallow. The light will escape from a deep cut which makes them appear darker. Shallow cuts will reflect light in the lower portions of the diamond causing them to lose shine. Quality cuts will have facets angled in a way that reflects the most light.

Perhaps the most important aspect of diamonds is carat. Carat is the diamond weight. Carat influences the cost of diamond jewelery. A carat is commonly the equivalent of 200 milligrams. A one carat diamond will cost twice as much as half a carat. However, a diamond with multiple cuts will cost less than a single gem even if it is one carat. A carat is sometimes referred to as points. For example, one carat is equal to 100 points. Clarity refers to a diamond’s flaws. Diamonds coming from natural sources may have scratches and traces of minerals. A diamond is considered flawless if it does not have these characteristics. Diamond color refers to the presence or absence of color. The ideal diamond is colorless. Clearer diamonds will be more expensive.

While learning the 4cs are useful for buying diamonds in Estero, you can use other methods to determine if the gem is fake. Two methods are the newspaper test and fog test. Place the diamond on the paper. If you can’t read the print, it is real. For the fog test, blow on the stone. Fake diamonds will stay foggy for two to four seconds. It isn’t hard to choose a diamond when you know some tips.

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