Tips for Buying Used Boats in Rochester

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Boat Dealer

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If you live in Rochester, regular boating excursions may frequently show up on your agenda. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario both provide excellent boating opportunities. If you are interested in acquiring a boat but are on a budget, purchasing a used boat is a reasonable solution. Here are some ideas and tips for purchasing Used Boats in Rochester.

There are many types of boats available for sale in Rochester. Deciding what you want and what it will be used for is an important first step. Your budget will probably also be a defining factor as well. There are paddle boats, ski boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats and much more available in the Rochester area. There seems to be no limit to the size and type of boat you can buy.

Shops that service marine equipment and those that sell new boats often have quality pre-owned boats for sale. Photos of the boats and information about their age and condition can be previewed on the websites operated by these dealers. Purchasing a used boat from a dealer can be a convenient option because many also sell the boating supplies and accessories you will also need.

Some dealers also list the boats on online sites dedicated to reselling marine equipment. These sites are beneficial because they also have listings from private owners who are looking to sell their own boats. Purchasing from a private owner can be cheaper, but it can also be risky if you are not experienced in boats.

If you find a boat online you are interested in purchasing see it in person before handing over any money. Online photos can be deceptive, even unintentionally. You also may mistake the scale of the boat and end up purchasing something much larger or smaller than you planned.

After your boat has been purchased and before you hit the water, you will need to be aware of Rochester’s boating laws. New York State law requires that any motor-driven boat operated on public waterways be registered. If you choose a boat that is at least 14 feet long and built after 1987, you will also need to have a title.

For more information on the laws regarding who may operate a boat and when, the New York Boating Education Law lists all the restrictions you will need to follow to legally operate a boat in Rochester.

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