Tips for Caring for Dentures in Northeast Minneapolis

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Dentistry

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If you have recently gotten new Dentures in Northeast Minneapolis, then you probably aren’t exactly sure how to take care of them yet. You want to keep them as white as possible, and also as comfortable and clean as possible as well. Below you will find some tips for keeping your Dentures in Northeast Minneapolis in tip-top shape after you pick them up from the Diamond Dental Clinic in your area.

You will want to clean your dentures daily. Remember these are just like your teeth and need to be given dental care on a daily basis. You will want to skip the toothpaste when brushing your dentures however, many of the commercial brands can cause damage to the enamel of your dentures. You need to use a soft bristled brush that is designed for brushing dentures, taking care not to bend any attachments.

Treating your dentures right is important. When you are sleeping or not wearing them, make sure to keep them in a cleaning solution or a glass of cool water until they are needed again. Don’t soak your dentures in hot water because it could warp them, and be really careful which dental cleaning solutions you use if you have metal on your dentures, as some solutions can tarnish them.

You also want to remove your dentures, full or partial, every night so that the tissues of your gums has time to rest as well as the gum tissue between your dentures.

If you take care of your dentures the right way, they should last you for a full five to seven years before you have to replace them. It is still important to schedule appointments with your dentist every six months so that he can check your gums and make sure that your dentures are still fitting the way that they should. This is also a good way for the dentist to check for any gum irritations, diseases or anything else that could affect your dental health. Taking care of your dentures isn’t all that hard if you follow the tips above and make sure to visit your dentist on a regular basis.

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