Tips for Choosing New Tires and Car Wheels in DC

Drivers should be aware that the wheels and tires they choose can have a big impact on the comfort, performance, gas mileage and overall look of their car. If you need to replace your tires or Car Wheels DC, keep reading for some tips on making a selection that will best fit your lifestyle and tastes.

Beware of Bargains

When purchasing new wheels or tires, don’t automatically choose the set with the lowest price tag. Bargain-basement wheels look cheap and may not give you a comfortable ride, and budget-priced tires usually don’t last as long as more expensive options. Instead, focus on getting the best product you can afford. Even a mid-priced tire set is far better than the “affordable” alternatives.

Consider All-Season Tires

Although winters in the DC area can sometimes be rough, all-season tires are usually sufficient to handle your year-long needs unless you do frequent off-road driving. They perform well in the snow, are longer-lasting than single-season tires and tend to make less noise. If you need extra performance, you can purchase low-profile tires fitted on larger car wheels DC. These will give you extra protection in the snow and ice.

Don’t Forget Looks

If the appearance of your car is a priority, most experts recommend an aggressive wheel fitment. When looks are more important than high performance, a wide wheel and a low offset is ideal. A perfect fit like this can be difficult and expensive, but it’s a must-have if you plan to show your car or you simply love the look of attractive, well-fitted tires and Car Wheels DC.

Your Tires Affect Your Gas Mileage

Some wheels and tires work harder to lower your gas mileage than others. For city and suburban driving, tires that are small and light will save you the most money on gas. As for rims, 16” stock rims will get you the best fuel economy. Large, heavy tires tend to waste gas; opt for these only if your regular driving conditions make it a necessity.

Choosing new wheels and tires for your car can be difficult if you don’t take your priorities into consideration when making a purchase.

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