Tips for Proper Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC

by | May 24, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Whether you are dealing with residents, customers or employees, it is important that you keep the elevators in good working order for people to be able to move around with ease. There are a few tips for Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC that you can use to ensure that your elevators are always running. You can start by keeping an accurate log of the elevator’s operation. You should include how often the elevator is used as well as log any instances where a problem occurs. You should also note oddities such as doors sticking or strange sounds coming from the elevator. This will ultimately help the repair service find the problem and fix it much quicker.

It is equally important to perform regular inspections, preferably every day. Any problems noted should be added on to the operations log. Some of the things to look out for include signs of vandalism and generally making sure that everything is working properly. It is important any malfunctioning equipment that is noted is replaced immediately. Cab, button and switch lights usually burn out or break after a certain duration of time so it is important that these are fixed immediately.

Industrial cleaners should also never be used to clean elevators. These can cause corrosion which can destroy the internal mechanisms of the elevator. Most mechanical problems occur as a result of cleaning staff introducing unexpected agents into the elevator. It is therefore important that you only use cleaning services that have been recommended by your elevator company. In addition to this, you can find out from the manufacturer which cleaning agents are safe for your elevator.

Finally, ensure that the elevators are not overloaded. Cleaning staff are especially notorious for transporting heavy-duty equipment in the elevator. Such cases can cause the mechanisms that are responsible for the smooth running of the elevator to wear quickly. This can be a potential hazard and can put the users at risk. Where it is necessary to transport heavy equipment, consider installing a dedicated service elevator for this purpose. You can get professional Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC by Visit the website and find out more about additional services that they offer.

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