Tips for Repairing Your Beverage Dispenser

The average lifespan of a beverage dispenser is 10 years. If your unit is at or past this point, replacement should be something that you consider carefully. If the unit is still functioning properly, you may be able to get a few more years of service; however, you should be aware of the most common signs that an issue is present. This will help you know it is time to replace or repair, before the issue becomes any worse.

Before jumping into repairing the unit, you need to determine the type of dispenser that you have. This will help you understand the most common issues that can arise.

Commercial beverage dispensers come in three main types: post-mix variety; pre-mix variety; or a multi button dispenser that is attached to a hose. Each option offers a number of benefits; however, each one also has a number of Beverage Dispenser Accessories that can break or malfunction requiring repair in order to once again achieve optimum performance.

Repairs You can Avoid

There are a number of different problems that are able to be completely repaired with proper maintenance, or by taking a number of precautions. With a few proactive actions, you can completely avoid these unnecessary and annoying headaches.

Ice Agitator Issues

In order to avoid a problem with the dispenser’s ice agitator, it is important to only use the types, sizes and shapes of ice that are clearly identified in the maker’s manual. If the agitator is designed to handle regular ice cubes, it will not be able to handle pelletized or chipped ice.
You should also avoid storing more than what is needed for a day of use in the ice dispenser. When more is placed in, it can begin to soften and melt and then start to freeze together, which will create the potential to damage the ice machines dispenser.

Carbon Dioxide Leaks

If there are large amounts of this gas leaked into a room, the effects can be fatal. It is crucially important that you protect yourself and any employees or guests from this by ensuring that the system is always operated safely. If you suspect a leak then you should ventilate the area right away, prior to making any repairs.

Avoiding these common issues will not only increase the life of the ice maker, it will also ensure that the drinks that are dispensed are high quality and taste great.

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