Tips for Selecting a Quality Hospital Bed

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Health

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If you plan to purchase a hospital bed for an elderly person that needs home care, one of the first decision that you will have to make is if you should purchase one or opt to rent one. There are a large range of options, which means you need to complete research to ensure you find the most suitable option. Remember, when it comes to purchasing Hospital Supplies for in home use in Omaha NE, choosing carefully is essential.

A healthcare professional is the very best source of advice when choosing the proper type of hospital bed. The recommendation that they will give you will typically be based on the needs and condition of the patient, as well as the person that is going to be providing care for the patient. A trained professional and a family caregiver will require differing bed features.

The beds that are available differ in terms of the mattresses, frames and accessories that are available. Hospital beds are also available in electric, semi-electric or manual options. An electric bed offers more convenience and the ability to make easier adjustments, which are ideal for any immobile patient. A manual bed will likely be less expensive and feature manual controls, while the semi-electric options will only provide motorized control of the feet and head placement, with the height being adjusted manually.

Selection Tips

Before you actually choose a bed, you should measure all of the stairways and doorways in the home. This will ensure that you purchase a bed that will actually fit inside of the home. It is also much more practical to place the hospital bed on the bottom layer of the home, since this will help to avoid too many trips up and down the stairs. This is especially important for caregivers that are older and need to have constant access to the person.

Mattress Selection

The mattress needs to be selected based on the type of bed that is purchased. The main options include:

* Foam mattresses: These provide shape-conforming latex for great support, pain reduction and prevention of bed sores.

* Air mattresses: Helps with the prevention of bed sores, but not recommended for patients with unstable spines.

* Pulmonary therapy mattresses: This is designed for patients that have weak lung function.

Selecting the right type of bed and mattress can make a huge difference in the overall comfort and well-being of patients. This is a decision that should be considered carefully before any selections are made.

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