Tips For Shopping For Cranston Real Estate

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Business

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Cranston, Rhode Island is the third largest metropolitan area in the state and also one of the oldest areas of the state. The land that makes up the current city of Cranston, formally known as Pawtuxet, was originally purchased from the Narragansett Indians in the year 1638. Many of the properties for sale on Cranston real estate listings are on property from that original purchase.

When you are looking at Cranston real estate you will find that the city, which covers just less than 30 square miles, is divided in a several different neighborhoods. These neighborhoods can include older villages that have become a part of the city itself, adding a historic and unique flair to the homes offered for sale in these small communities within the larger city.

The Old and the New

As a home buyer you will be pleasantly surprised at the options you have in Cranston real estate. There is a nice mixture of older styles of homes combined with new styles of homes with the latest in energy efficient features. In addition just outside of the city there are some amazing farmhouses on significant sized acreages that are perfect for those that love their own space.

This combination of old and new styles is one of the reasons why Cranston real estate is so popular for families. You can easily find beautiful custom woodwork and hardwood floors in one home and then be amazed at the modern styles in the home just down the street.

Range of Sizes

Besides just offering a variety of styles and designs of homes, you will also find an excellent range of sizes for single family dwellings. There are luxury homes for sale in neighborhoods that cater to the designer homes and also small bungalows that are tucked away on wooded streets that are quiet and cozy.

Of course with the difference in the types of houses, sizes of lots and the ages of the properties it is also possible to find Cranston real estate to suit your home buying budget. Working with a realtor familiar with the area can ensure that you are provided with the houses the most closely meet your needs to allow you to consider the options that you have.

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