Tips if you are thinking of hiring a sewer snake

Nov 19, 18 Tips if you are thinking of hiring a sewer snake

If you have gone through your home and you can confirm that you have a main drain blockage you can both hire a sewer snake and attempt the job yourself or you can call in professionals who deal with plumbing. If you decide to clear the blockage yourself the best thing is to have the proper equipment to attempt it, a sewer snake can usually be hired by the hour or day from any local tool hire company.

If you are going to hire a sewer snake, here are a few tips that may help you get the right tool for the job:

1. Sewer snakes are available with different diameter cables. As you may be powering through difficult blockages, perhaps tree roots you will want a machine that is strong enough to do the job. It is suggested that the cable diameter be a minimum of 5/8”; 7/8” is actually the best.
2. There is no way to determine in advance where the blockage is located, it could be three feet from the clean out or 50 feet, nobody knows. Hire a machine with at least 75 feet of cable; this is especially important if your house is set back some distance from the main sewer. It is actually best to first measure the distance from the cleanout to the sewer and then hire a machine with the appropriate cable length.
3. Of course, those who do plumbing for a living know exactly how to operate the machine. If you do not know how to safely use the equipment make sure you ask the people at the hire firm how to use it and get a complete explanation of any safety features it may have.
4. You will most certainly want to wear protective clothing when you are operating the sewer snake. Wear a good pair of stout leather work gloves, eye protection and heavy boots. Although there is little chance of the cable breaking, it is always best to be prepared.

Once you are home with the equipment, take a few minutes to read the operating handbook that will come with it. The more you know about the snake, the safer and easier it will be to clear the blockage.

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