Tips To Help Avoid Major Clogs and Why You Should Hire a Drain Cleaning Service

Having your drains cleaned regularly by a drain cleaner is a great way to help prevent major clogs. You can call them out whenever you need them, and their services are very affordable. There is however a few things that you can do at home to try and prevent your drains from clogging, as well as hiring a professional drain cleaner. This will save time as well as cutting down on money, making things easier for both yourself and your drain cleaner.

Preventing Clogs
Although you can’t prevent all clogs, you can certainly do your part when it comes to cutting them down. If you think you have a clog in your existing drain system, you should never try and fix it yourself. You should hire a plumber in Willow Grove instead. If your drains have just been cleaned however, you want to do everything you can to make sure they aren’t clogged again in a week. This, in conjunction with regular drain cleaning will ensure that your drains stay clean and fresh all year round.

Cleaning Your Drains
You should always try to make sure you keep your plug stopper clean. If your plug stopper becomes clogged with hair, grease and grime then chances are your drains will be too. By cleaning your stopper, you can help prevent debris from escaping into the pipes. You should also dispose of your kitchen grease elsewhere. This can set in your pipes, turning into a white congealed mess that is really difficult to remove. Your drain cleaning service will be able to dispose of this for you, transforming a long term problem into a quick and easy fix,

Microbes and Bacteria
Many drain cleaning products claim to remove the microbes present in your drains. They can also however cause corrosive damage to your pipes and this is something you want to avoid at all times. A professional drain cleaning company will be able to remove all the bacteria from your drains, ensuring that no build up occurs as well as removing any debris. Using home methods can help to prevent blockages, but when it comes to bacterial build up, you should always ensure that you contact your local drain company as they often perform bacterial cleans as a part of their standard service.

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