Tips to Protect your Home from Burglars

The school holidays are the perfect time for a relaxing break, but when your house is empty and dark, it’s also the perfect moment for burglars to strike! Protect your home from break-ins with these easy tips and you can sleep well tonight, knowing your home is safe.

Change your Doors

If your exterior doors are hollow, you should change them for solidly constructed doors made from solid wood, metal, fibreglass or a solid wood core with veneer overlay. Hollow doors are easy to break through with tools or heavy boots, and by investing in new exterior doors, you’ll be protecting your home from burglars. Try not to choose doors with glass panels, as these are easy to smash and the door can then be unlocked from the inside.

Keep your House Locked

When it comes to locks, Solihull residents don’t always use them as they should! You should always lock your home when exiting, even if you’re just popping around the corner to the local shop. Install high quality, solid metal deadbolts to your exterior doors for maximum security, and always make sure that locks are professionally installed by a qualified locks expert in Solihull. For patio and sliding doors, consider installing locks with keys, both at the bottom and top of the door. By placing a metal or wooden rod in the door tracks, you can prevent it from sliding open if someone tries to force entry.

Check your Strike Plates

The ‘strike plate’ is the metal section surrounding the door’s lockset – for exterior doors, you should install a sturdy metal strike plate. Many modern homes have had lower quality, flimsy strike plates installed, secured with shorter screws. This makes it easier for burglars to force the door’s lock when trying to enter your home.

Peep Holes

Whilst these won’t do much to protect your home whilst you’re away, it’s a good idea to install peep holes on exterior doors to protect you whilst at home. By installing a wide-angle peep hole, you’ll be able to see who is outside your door at all times of the day and night, preventing you opening the door to strangers. Consider installing a chain at the same time for maximum security, particularly if you spend a lot of time home alone.

Protect Lock Cylinders

The area where your key is inserted is known as the ‘lock cylinder’ – this can often be pried off by burglars or damaged. Protect it with a metal plate which fits around the cylinder and can be installed on both sides of your exterior door.
By following these simple tips, you can add an extra level of security to your home, ensuring that it is protected from burglars.

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