Tips to Remember when Choosing the Perfect Birthday Cake in Chicago

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Baked Goods

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Choosing the perfect kid’s Birthday Cake in Chicago can be a challenging experience. A birthday cake is the centerpiece of a child’s birthday party, and is the thing that all of the kids look forward too. To ensure that the cake is indeed the most memorable part of the party, you will want to make sure that the cake is tailored to your child, tailored to the theme of the party, and above all very, very delicious. Below you will find some tips on how to choose the best cake ever for your child’s next birthday bash.

Who is Making the Cake?

You need to decide whether you want a homemade cake or one from a bakery. If you decide on a bakery made cake, then you will want to Come to LaPatisserie to sample the Birthday Cake in Chicago. If you decide to go the homemade route, don’t wait until the last minute to bake the cake, if there are any mistakes you could find yourself with a very sad birthday boy at the last minute. By the same token, you will want to give the bakery plenty of warning, so that they can take their time and make the most gorgeous, and delicious, cake, you have ever seen.

What Flavors do You want?

This is where you need the input of your little birthday boy. Children are usually pretty simple, so basic flavors like chocolate and vanilla will probably make them happy. You should ask what your child wants, however, as it is his party after all.

What Type of Cake Decorations do you Need?

The decorations on a Birthday Cake for a kid’s party are very important, because they are what everyone will see. You want to choose a theme that your child will love, and then strive for the decorations to surround that theme. There are many decorations, and themes, to choose from when it comes to kids. You just have to talk to your child and see what they want to base their party around, the decorations for the cake are then sure to follow.

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