Top 3 Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Have you been invited to a baby shower and not sure what type of gift to bring? Intimidated by the registry list and lists of the best baby shower gifts?  Here are three of the most practical baby shower gift ideas that will definitely have the mom-to-be thanking you months after the baby has been born!

Baby Clothing
Though it is true that a baby shower will likely attract a lot of baby clothing, it is certainly something that all new parents and their babies will need. Some practical baby shower clothing gift ideas that you can choose from include sleepers, undershirts, bathrobes, and diapers. If you are looking for something really special and creative, consider themed baby clothing sets that not only look adorable, but are also practical.

Bath Gift Baskets
Another very practical gift for a new baby is bath items. There are many great baby bath products that will serve as useful baby shower gifts. Consider gifting bath items together in a gift basket. Some of these items include a bath robe, a hooded towel, baby shampoo, and a baby lotion. Add some plush bath toys and bath slippers and you will have a gift that will be very much appreciated by the parents.

Baby Socks
You may think that baby socks are not the most exciting gift, but they are certainly going to be very practical. Ask any new parent about socks for their baby and you will definitely hear stories about how they cannot have enough of them. Fortunately you can find a lot of baby sock sets, that are cute, fun and of course, practical.


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