Top Five Uses for Slatwall

Slatwall is exactly what it sounds like: a wall made of slats. Slatwall comes in a number of materials including wood, steel and pressboard and is used in hand with special inserts that allow you to hang items for storage or display. Slatwall has many uses from retail to homes and offices. Here are the five top uses for slatwall:

1. Retail Display: Slatwall is very common in retail stores and used with a combination of “hangers” that allow for inventory to be displayed and stored easily. The great thing about slatwall is that is allows you to position hooks in the configuration required to accommodate different sizes and shapes of inventory. This means they are completely customizable without additional cost. It can be changed as required and can even be exposed if storage is no longer required.

2. Workshops: Home workshops and pro shops alike use slatwall to store everything from tools to screws and materials. They allow for a very organized, customized storage wall. Homeowners love it as it looks nice and is very affordable. Shop owners love it as it is durable and keeps them organized so they can work more efficiently.

3. Kitchens: Slatwall works well in kitchens to store utensils, pots and pans and anything else you have in mind. It can be used with various accessories making it easy to customize to your needs. It even can accommodate U hooks ideal for hanging dish towels.

4. Offices: Office store rooms can use slatwall to improve efficiency for storage and products can be stored exactly as they are found in the store. This makes it easy for people to find what they need as well as to keep track of inventory.

5. Garages: The DIYer and auto enthusiast loves slatwall to keep their garage organized. As well it is an excellent way to hang and store sports equipment, luggage, seasonal clothing and anything else you need to store. Even heavier items like bikes and camping gear can work with the proper type of heavy duty accessories.

These are just a few ways to use slatwall in your home or business. The applications are endless and some people even use it to create interesting walls in metal or wood run on the vertical for an industrial look.

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