Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Nursing Care Agency

Nov 12, 13 Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Nursing Care Agency

Have you been considering hiring a professional in nursing care in Abingdon for a loved one? If so, you could be giving your loved one many benefits and will ensure that they are able to keep their independence, yet have an excellent level of care. Before hiring a company for nursing care in Abingdon, make sure you are asking the following questions:

How Long Have You Been in Business?

It is very important to know what type of history a company has before allowing them to work with your loved one. The longer they have been in business, for the most part, the better their reputation will be. A care agency with a good reputation is exactly what you need for your loved one.

Are CRB Checks Performed?

You should never work with any company that does not put their nursing staff through CRB checks. These checks, though not fool proof, will greatly help eliminate anyone with a criminal background. This way, you won’t need to be concerned about the person who is working with your senior loved one.

Are the Employees of Your Agency Insured?

It is also important that you make sure that the employees at your chosen agency are insured. Insurance is imperative and just like the CRB checks, you should never work with a company that does not insure their employees.

Do You Have a Wide Range of Services?

You should also make sure that the company in question can provide a wide level of services to your loved one. For instance, your loved one may only need companion services right now, but in two or three years, they may need more focused care. It would be best if you could stick with the same agency for this.

Will We Be Able to See Your Plan of Care?

Finally, you should find out if the agency you choose will offer a care plan for your loved one that you can be involved in. This is important as even though the agency will get to know your loved one well, you will know your loved one best and you should be involved in their care.

These are just a few questions you will want to ask before working with an agency for home care. Make sure you are fully researching the agency before working with anyone.

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