Top Reasons to go Camping in Missouri

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Recreation

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Have you ever been on a camping trip? If you are a city person and have never been Camping in Missouri, then you have no idea what you have been missing. Below you will find some of the top reasons that you should schedule a camping trip at the Huzzah Valley Resort, for you and your family today. You never know, you might love the great outdoors, and never want to go back to the city.

Camping in Missouri helps you to escape the hectic hustle and bustle of city life. Once you leave the city behind, look up at the brilliant stars and gorgeous sky that you normally can’t see for the city lights. Once you have settled into your camp site, you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, that huge business deal, or putting on your best outfit, and rushing off to meet the day. You can relax for the weekend, or even for a few days, with nothing to do but enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

There is so much beauty in the outdoors that city people just never get to appreciate. From gorgeous mountain streams to fresh water lakes, there is so much to see on a camping trip. Besides when was the last time, you laid back on a blanket and just looked at the stars? Communing with nature is one of the best feelings in the world, and a camping trip can give you that experience.

When you decide to take off on this camping venture, you need to make a steadfast rule that there will be no electronics allowed, at least for certain periods of the day. This will give you a chance to reconnect as a family, whether it’s through a nature hike, sports, cooking, or just talking, and getting to know one another all over again.

There is nothing better than food cooked over an open fire. The best thing about it is, if you spill something, or make a mess, it’s no big deal because you are outside. Always make sure to clean up after yourself on a camping trip however; it’s important to always leave nature the way that you found it.

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