Topics for Christian High Schools in Montgomery Village

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Business And Finance

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The level of spiritual maturity among Christian students in Christian high schools has been said to have declined over the last few generations. It is said it’s because they have been allowed to grow up slowly. If you are looking for topics to teach your Christian teens in Christian High Schools in Montgomery Village, then here are a few challenging topics that just might do the trick.

Theology is a hot topic in any Christian community or high school. It’s interesting and there is no spiritual topic that is more relevant or important for a teen to study than God and his works.

Dating and marriage have become very tied in with modern times, and modern time’s ideas of what is acceptable. Take the teens at Covenant Life School back to basics by teaching them what the bible says about a Christian marriage and dating. The idea of purity in dating until you are married is something that needs to really be stressed to today’s Christian youth, and there is no better place to do that than in a Christian high school.

Spiritual growth is a topic that is often left by the wayside, because it is expected that the student is getting that through the teachings of the school itself. That is not always the case however, and classes on bible study, reading and prayer are ever so much more important than they were even a few years ago. Peer pressure is hard on a teen in a normal school; it can be much harder on a teenager that is in a Christian school.

Chosen occupations are a good topic to teach in school as well. You need to prepare your students for being a Christian worker in a not so Christian world. They will not also be in the shelter of a Christian high school, and will need to make it on their own at times. Make sure that they are ready to meet the world as Christians, when they do not have the love and faith of their church and the Christian high school around them to bolster their beliefs and confidence.

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