Toppings Available at a Pizza Parlor in Washington County OR and the Contrast With Other Countries

Nov 20, 19 Toppings Available at a Pizza Parlor in Washington County OR and the Contrast With Other Countries

Surveys have found that pepperoni tops the list of favorite pizza toppings in the United States. That probably isn’t news to workers at a pizza parlor in Washington County OR who are accustomed to a large number of orders that include this particular ingredient. Sausage, mushrooms and onions rank high on the list too. Anchovies are the least favorite topping, but many pizzerias still offer them on the menu since some customers do order this ingredient.

Examples of Favorite Toppings in Other Countries

Worldwide, the story is somewhat different. Pizza is popular in many countries, but the residents often have a different favorite topping than what U.S. residents tend to like best. Greece is the only country in which pepperoni is such a strong favorite as a pizza ingredient. U.S. residents aren’t that thrilled about pineapple on pizza, but Australians rank it higher.

People in the Netherlands like grilled lamb on their pizzas along with onions. It’s not easy for U.S. residents to find lamb on a pizza menu. Mutton, the meat of an adult sheep, shows up as a favorite pizza topping in India.

Chicken ranks at or near the top for residents of India, Pakistan and Sweden. That’s much easier to find on a menu at a pizza parlor in Washington County OR. Barbecued chicken is a particular favorite, but customers might order garlic chicken or a Mexican-spiced version instead.

Raising Eyebrows

Some common toppings in other countries aren’t necessarily the most popular, but their inclusion on menus would raise eyebrows in the United States. Green peas is one example; that’s found in Brazil. Japanese pizza lovers might order squid and eel for their toppings.

Possibilities on an Oregon Pizza Menu

All the standard favorite pizza toppings in this country can be ordered at a restaurant like Papa’s Pizza Parlor along with some more unusual ones. Customers might like to try banana wax peppers, spinach, taco chips, lean beef, smoked oysters or artichoke hearts when they build their own meal. Additional sauces also are available, such as teriyaki, ranch and pesto. Gluten-free crust is available for customers who cannot eat wheat.

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