Treating Whiplash After an Auto Accident in Portland OR

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Health Care

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Being in a car accident can cause damage to both the vehicles and the occupants. Even if you feel fine after a minor Auto Accident Portland OR, the symptoms of whiplash may show up in a few days. If your neck or back begin to ache, then it is time to seek chiropractic care. Don’t assume the pain will go away on its own. It will often only get worse over time.

Whiplash occurs when the head is quickly whipped back and then immediately jerked forward. This motion is commonly seen in rear collision car accidents. The neck absorbs the shock of the unexpected movements. Even people who walk away from an Auto Accident in Portland OR without any visible signs of injury, may develop the symptoms of whiplash over the course of a few day or weeks. These symptoms include neck pain, headaches, dizziness, numbness, and lower back pain. While a conventional doctor will more likely prescribe pain pills to treat whiplash, a chiropractor will help ease the pain with natural treatments.

During an exam with a chiropractor, the patient may have x-rays or an MRI ordered to check for damage to the hard and soft tissues of the body. Based upon the results of these images, a treatment plan will be determined. Most patients will require a series of back and neck adjustments to keep the spinal column in alignment. Since the muscles around the back are in spasm after an Auto Accident Portland OR, the spine will come out of alignment frequently. The chiropractor may teach the patient various physical therapy exercises to help further promote healing at home. Massage therapy may be required to relax the tense muscles. In order to avoid further damage and pain, it is wise to seek chiropractic care immediately.

Many people put off seeing a chiropractor because of the cost. They assume the whiplash will resolve on its own. While this may be the case for some, most people are left with residual pain that may last a lifetime. The front desk staff at any chiropractic clinic is trained to deal with Auto Accident claims. If the patient is not at fault, they are often able to get the other driver to pay for the bills. Pain is not normal, and whiplash should be treated as soon as symptoms appear.

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