Treatment For TMJ

by | Dec 15, 2011 | Health Care

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TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is a syndrome that that can cause much pain and should get treated, perhaps by a physical therapist for TMJ Albany NY. There are many different treatments and if someone suffers from this disorder, they should contact a physical therapist and see if they offer the right treatment for the disorder. Treatments are typically customized to the person with the disorder. Although they are individual to each patient, one of the programs might be a Rocobado 6×6 exercise program. Someone with TMJ might also get educated on postural techniques as well as learning how to swallow in a way that will benefit them and cause less pain. Breathing is another part of treatment, and someone with TMJ might learn some techniques on how to breathe effectively. Treatment for TMJ Albany NY could also include lessons anti-inflammatory modalities. Someone with TMJ who goes to therapy for it could also learn how to do some scapular stabilization exercises.

It is possible that someone has TMJ and doesn’t realize it because they think their pain is just a result of getting older. There are some symptoms that someone might want to know about so that they can figure out if they might be suffering from TMJ. If they feel like they might have it, they should talk to a doctor for TMJ Albany NY and see what they recommend. Many of the symptoms are included in the jaw and surrounding areas. One symptom is if someone has a hard time or feels pain while they are chewing. If they bite into something and it makes their jaw ache or become uncomfortable, this could be a sign of TMJ. Something else related to the jaw is if someone hears or feels their jaw clicking or popping when they are moving their mouth. It might even reduce function in the jaw, making it hard to open and close the jaw. Someone who has TMJ will probably experience some great pain in their face, including headaches and perhaps even migraines. They might find that they have common earaches and they might even experience some hearing loss.

TMJ is a painful disorder that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort if it is not treated properly. It is important that someone with TMJ finds the right treatment center and is able to get the help that they need to conquer their disorder.

TMJ Albany NY Columbia Physical Therapy is experienced with patients who have a diagnosis of T.M.J. dysfunction and or cervical/thoracic Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Their treatment is customized to the individual and may include instruction in the rocobado 6×6 exercise program, postural education, and proper swallowing and breathing techniques.

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